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Welcome to your six day experience

This six day programme is a guide to getting the most out of your experience in the resort during your holiday. Each day explores a different area so that you can experince a wide variety of runs surrounding the resort.

You'll see what lift you should take and what kind of lift it is, and the colour of the runs to follow. There is also a different lunch venue every day, the best location to experience great views (and take superb photographs) and a recommended run of the day to enjoy!

The larger maps take longer to download but give a more detailed view of the days skiing location with easy to use icons and rollover information about the lifts and runs available.

The number surrounding the lift icon tells you what number lift it is in the order for that day. Sometimes a lift is used more than once in a day so it has more than one number. To find what run to take look for the next lift, ie. between lift icons one and two you will find the run you need to take.


Enjoy your experience!

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Please Note: Itinerary routes are non pisted and obstacles are not marked. There may not necessarily be pisteurs on hand. If you take one, please be sure of your ability, ask about conditions, never ski alone and follow the orange posts which mark the routes.

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